Innovation is the highlight of the Brasigran booth at VSF 2018

With many new features for Vitoria Stone Fair 2018, the Corcovado Brasigran group was a highlight in the ornamental stones fair that happened in Espírito Santo, between the 7th and 10th of june.

Brasigran’s focus was on highlighting new company technologies, such as the CNC that uses a 3D cutting system, which produces true works of art, such as those highlighted in the entrance walls and the water source, dubbed ‘wave’. Another innovation brought by the company was the 360° video recorded at the Itaúnas quarry, located in Medeiros Neto (BA), that production was the first 360° production recorded in a quarry by a company in the stone sector, the exhibition took people to a different sensory experience and took a lot of sighs during the event days.




Another approach of the company was to show how stones can be both delicate and imposing when used in projects of decoration of an ambiance. The partnership with architect Vívian Coser brought the project to life, she signed the booth design and composed it using exclusive pieces from Sette7’s collection such as botanic tables, which use Brasigran’s natural materials.

Works in metal by the artist Villar, who is a great partner of the company also marked presence at the composition.

During the four days of the event, the space received big names from the Brazilian design sector, such as the renowned Jader Almeida, who was highlighted in the exhibition and attended on friday for the divulgation of his yearbook, dedicated to the great names of Brazilian architecture that marked presence on the event. Jader’s pieces, which use Brasigran materials, were given by the Stampa store and exhibited at the booth, “Jader produces incredible pieces and has already used our material in several projects,” said Renata Malenza in a statement to Art Et Décor, from TV Vitoria. The booth also received Rômulo Fialdini, one of the most recognized photographers in Brazil.

Renata Malenza, Marketing Director, also told TV Vitória Program, Art Et Decor, that the main objective of the company was to show the usability of natural materials in the environments “We want to exalt the natural beauty and the multiple possibilities of utilizing the stones in the decoration and the development of environments, ” she said.

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